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 d/p legendary pokemon locations

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PostSubject: d/p legendary pokemon locations   Tue Aug 26, 2008 11:48 pm

dialga/palkia spear pillar lvl 47

uxie lake acuity lvl 50

mesprit meet at lake verity then random grass lvl 50

azelf lake valor lvl 50

cressilia meet at full moon island then random grass lvl 50

heatran stark mountain lvl 70

giratina turnback cave lvl 70

regigigas snow point temple with regirock steel and ice in ur party lvl 70

manaphy transfer egg from pokemon ranger lvl 1

phione breed manaphy lvl 1

darkrai new moon island lvl 40

arceus hall of orogin lvl 80

shaymin flower paradise lv30


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d/p legendary pokemon locations
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