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 starter pokemon comparison

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PostSubject: starter pokemon comparison   Sun Sep 07, 2008 7:39 pm

| TURTWIG (Turtle) GRASS |
| Turtwig, the Turtle Pokemon, is a pretty solid choice. It |
| has great Defense and Attack, although it is pretty slow. |
| Fortunately, it will be able to take hits throughout the |
| game, which is a good thing. It learns Razor Leaf pretty |
| early on, too, giving it a nice offensive attack. Later |
| on, Turtwig will eventually evolve into Grotle, followed |
| by Torterra, which is Grass / Ground and capable of |
| unleashing Earthquake. |
| CHIMCHAR (Monkey) FIRE |
| Chimchar, the Monkey Pokemon, is all about doing damage. |
| It learns a wide variety of various Physical-based attacks |
| and it has the Attack stat to use them fairly well. |
| Although it may have difficulty with the first Gym, it |
| will prove to be a strong fighter during the rest of your |
| journey. When Chimchar evolves into Monferno at Level 14, |
| it will become part Fighting-type as well and will start |
| learning Fighting-type moves to utilize its second type. |
| Its final form, Infernape, is also part Fighting-type, and |
| is also quite fast to boot. |
| PIPLUP (Penguin) WATER |
| Piplup, the Penguin Pokemon, is, unfortunately, not that |
| great early on in the game. It doesn't learn any strong |
| moves until Bubblebeam, which is Level 24 at it's second |
| stage. However, its forms have good Special Attack, and |
| its final Evolution, Empoleon, is part Metal-type, making |
| it resistant to most any attacks. |
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PostSubject: Re: starter pokemon comparison   Tue Jul 07, 2009 5:12 am

I vote Piplup FTW. <D It can take hits and dish them out aswell! Plus a water type is good early on in the game. :3 But chimchar is also pretty good, since DP has NO FREAKIN FIRE TYPES. D<<<
Seriously, I think the only fire-types that were added in this version are Magmortar and Heatran. ._. And infernape, of course. :/


I think budew would be a better choice for a grass-type ingame. ^-^
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starter pokemon comparison
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