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 pokemon jobs

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PostSubject: pokemon jobs   Sun Sep 07, 2008 7:18 pm

Leader - A pokemon designed to be put at the head of the party for the sake of getting a good start. Some good leads include Swampert, Zapdos, Aerodactyl, and Salamence.

(P)Hazer - A pokemon that uses Haze, or a pokemon that uses the Pseudo Haze moves (Roar and Whirlwind) to chase out enemy pokemon. This is good for throwing out a pokemon that has buffed stats as well as adding on to the damage your Spikes and Stealth rock are dealing to the opposing party.

Physical Sweeper - A pokemon that specializes in dealing high physical damage to opponents, usually with high speed. A good example is Aerodactyl.

Special Sweeper - The opposite of the Physical Sweeper, special sweepers deal high special damage to opposing pokemon. Alakazam is a well known pokemon that does this.

Mixed Sweeper - A pokemon that uses both physical and special moves in its moveset. Generally weaker than the other two that specialize, mixed pokemon can make for quite a surprise. Pokemon that do this well include Infernape and Azelf.

Baton Passer - A pokemon that uses stat buffing moves and Baton Pass to hand them to a teammate who makes use of their support. In the age of D/P, this is a very outdated and poor tactic, but you should be prepared for it nonetheless. Ninjask is the most seen BPer to date.

Pseudo Passer - A pokemon that uses moves such as Light Screen, Wish, Safeguard, and the sort to support the team. Best coupled with baton pass or u-turn. Chimecho (^__^) pseudopasses.

Annoyer - A pokemon that carries several status-inducing and other moves that make it particularly hard to hit or kill. Also tends to force switches. Lanturn loves doing this.

Trapper - A pokemon that keeps opposing pokemon from retreating by means of Arena Trap, Mean Look, Fire Spin, or other methods. Dugtrio is often used as a finisher due to this. Some Mismagius employ a tactic called Perish Trapping, using Perish Song in tandem with Mean Look. It is used alongside Baton Pass quite often too (Umbreon).

Spiker - A pokemon that uses the moves Spikes, Stealth Rock, and/or Toxic Spikes. Usually also a Phazer, but not always. Skarmory and Forretress are the most common Spikers.

Heal Beller / Aromatherapist - Hilariously abbreviated "Rapist", these pokemon carry Heal Bell or Aromatherapy to support the team and save them grief from status conditions. Blissey is used most, but other pokemon have gained use of the moves, such as Jumpluff.

Physical Wall - A pokemon designed to take physical hits well. Skarmory falls here, as do several other pokemon, such as Bronzong, Forretress, Suicune, and Swampert.

Special Wall - Pokemon designed to take special hits well. Blissey is most common and effective, with others like Cresselia, Regice, and more being runners up.

Dual Wall - You can try to make one, but there is no such thing as a good dual wall off bat. Only thing that comes close is Suicune.

Common Killer / GGer (GG meaning Good Game) - A pokemon set up to kill those it usually ends up pitted against. A good example of this would be the Tyraniboah moveset, which was designed to allow Tyranitar to kill several things it normally wouldn't in the advanced generation, such as Gengar. GGice, a Regice set created by Dark Lugia (then stolen by Smogon), allowed it to take on Blissey and others well. These sets take awhile to craft and perfect.

Pressure Staller - A pokemon centered around abusing the ability Pressure to drain enemy PP. Dusknoir can do this.

Subpuncher - A pokemon that uses Substitute to allow for a free use of Focus Punch, which requires you to not get hit during the turn you use it. Breloom will do this a lot.

Subseeder - A pokemon that uses Leech Seed in conjuntion with Substitute. Sceptile does this.

Trick Roomer - A pokemon used to set up the move Trick Room, for itself or a team. Bronzong, Uxie, and Slowbro will do this quite often.

U-turner - A pokemon carrying U-turn. The quicker the better, as they can allow for a better situation than a manual switch. Several options include Staraptor, Infernape, Gliscor, Celebi, and Persian.

Choice ( Band / Specs / Scarf )er - Those that employ a Choice Item. These are meant to get in heavy hits quickly, and do very well at finishing off teams once their resistors are gone. Heracross does well with Choice Scarf, Salamence with Choice Specs, and Tauros with Choice Band, among others.

Item Switcher - Pokemon that make use of the moves Trick or Switcheroo. The subtypes of this category are limited only by the items they can switch. Good items to consider switching are Toxic Orb, Flame Orb, Choice Items, and Iron Ball. Good candidates for the tactic include Alakazam, Lopunny, and Mr. Mime.

Sunnybeamer / Thundancer / Blizhailer - Very outdated tactics. They involve the use of Sunny Day to Solarbeam, Rain Dance to Thunder, and Hail to Blizzard respectively. The major reason these are of note is that they can put an end to Tyranitar's sandstream, which could otherwise whittle down your party and prevent you from KOing enemy rock pokemon. Sunnybeamers are usually Grass or Fire pokemon that gain the most out of the moves, like Charizard and Vileplume. Thundancers are usually Water or Electric, such as Lanturn. Abomasnow can actively use Blizzard thanks to its ability

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pokemon jobs
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