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 Move combos

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PostSubject: Move combos   Sun Sep 07, 2008 7:03 pm

Good Combos

Combos with Baton Pass
Baton Pass is an interesting move that allows you to raise your own stats and transfer them to another Pokémon on your team. This is good for Pokémon who have high attacking potential, but are lacking in one or two stats. For instance, Rampardos has amazing Attack, but it's too slow against the majority of opponents. With Baton Pass, you can transfer some Agilities or Speed Boosts to it so that it will outrun all of its opponents. Here are some of the many combos you can make with Baton Pass.

Stat Boost + Baton Pass
This is the most basic one. Boost one of your stats and transfer it to a teammate. Below is a table of which Pokemon can pass what stat boost:

Stat Move Pokemon
Attack Swords Dance Ninjask, Scyther, Scizor, Absol, Mawile, Ledian, Gliscor, Blaziken, Farfetch'd, Mew, Celebi
Bulk Up (also Def) Medicham, Floatzel, Mew
Defense Iron Defense Mawile, Huntail, Gorebyss
Acid Armor Vaporeon
Barrier Mr. Mime, Huntail, Gorebyss
Speed Agility Scyther, Scizor, Ledian, Gorebyss, Ambipom, Jolteon, Girafarig, Plusle, Minun, Zapdos*, Dodrio*, Fearow*, Gliscor, Lopunny, Rapidash, Blaziken, Floatzel, Ariados, Venomoth, Beedrill, Masquerain, Farfetch'd
Speed Boost Ninjask
Sp. Attack Calm Mind (also SDef) Absol, Espeon, Delcatty, Spinda, Mr. Mime, Mew, Celebi, Girafarig, Medicham, Drifblim, Lunatone*, Solrock*, Hypno*
Tail Glow Volbeat
Nasty Plot Ambipom, Mew, Togekiss, Plusle, Minun, Hypno*
Sp. Defense Amnesia Girafarig, Furret, Gorebyss, Mew
*Can only learn Baton Pass in Pokemon XD

Mean Look + Baton Pass (TrapPassing)
Trapping moves like Mean Look can also be passed. Use it to trap an opponent and pass to a Pokemon that has an advantage over the trapped opponent.

Substitute + Baton Pass
Substitutes can also be passed. For more on this, see the Substitute section below.


Combos with Substitute

Substitute + Focus Punch (AKA Subpunching)
The most common and basic Substitute combo. Focus Punch is a 150 power Fighting move, the strongest Fighting attack in the game (besides a full power Reversal). However, it always goes last and if you take the slightest bit of damage before you attack, Focus Punch fails. The solution? Set up a Sub before you use it. Substitute blocks the damage you would take meaning you can safely use Focus Punch without worrying about it failing.

Substitute + Reversal/Flail/Endeavor
The last three moves work best if you are at low health. Since Sub reduces your health each time you use it, just use Substitute four times until you have only 1 HP left. It's a good idea to hold a Salac Berry or a Liechi Berry when using this.
Make sure your HP is not divisible by 4, otherwise you'll only be able to use Sub 3 times and you'll have too much HP left over for this combo to work properly.
Compare with the Endure + Reversal/Flail/Endeavor combo further down below.

Substitute + Leech Seed (AKA SubSeeding)
Leech Seed your opponent and use Substitute over and over again. Since your enemy is healing you with Leech Seed, you'll This combo works best if you're faster than your opponent.

Substitute + Belly Drum (+Salac Berry)
A risky combo. Make sure your max HP is exactly divisible by 4 before using this. Substitute first to take away 25% of your HP. Then Belly Drum to reduce your HP by 50%. At the end, you'll have 25% HP left. This is enough to activate Salac Berry. When this combo is finished, you'll have Max Attack and boosted Speed, which means almost nothing can stand in your way.

Substitute + Baton Pass (AKA SubPassing)
Subs can be Baton Pass. This is more useful in competitive battles, where your opponent will be switching Pokemon quite often. Use Sub when you predict a switch and if you cannot handle the Pokemon that got switched in, use Baton Pass to a team mate who can. For instance: if Espeon uses Sub when Tyranitar switches in, you can Pass to a Heracross. Heracross will take no damage from Tyranitar's attacks when switching in since it's protected by the Sub.


The rest of the combos in this guide will be listed below in alphabetical order.

Counter + Focus Sash
The goal is to predict when your opponent will use a strong physical move and Counter it back. Since you have Focus Sash, you can survive even the most powerful supereffective attacks.

Endure + Reversal/Flail/Endeavor
Same as Substitute + Reversal/Flail/Endeavor, except since Endure always goes first, you don't have to worry about a faster opponent KOing you before you can set up. Works best with a Salac or Liechi Berry. The downside is that if you use Endure and the opponent does not attack you, or does not do enough damage, then this combo falls apart.

Mean Look + Perish Song (AKA PerishTrapping)
Trap the opponent with Mean Look, then use Perish Song. Use moves like Protect or Substitute to stall the opponent while the countdown runs. Once it says, "Perish Count fell to 1", switch out. Your opponent can't switch out during that turn since it'll still be under the effect of Mean Look until AFTER you switch. By then, it will be to late because it will have fainted from Perish Song.

Rain Dance + Water Attack + Swift Swim Ability
Use Rain Dance to not only power up your Water attacks, but also double your speed with your Swift Swim ability.

Rest + Sleep Talk (AKA RestTalking)
Any sturdy Pokemon can use Rest to heal themself. But it may be dangerous to lose two turns sleeping. That's where Sleep Talk comes in. Sleep Talk randomly picks one of your moves and uses it while you are sleeping. It works great with the Guts and Marvel Scale abilities since they will boost your Attack or Defense even when you put yourself to sleep.

Spikes/Stealth Rock + Roar/Whirlwind
Spikes can be used up to three times, which will damage any non-Flying/non-Levitating opponent 25% of their HP everytime they switch in. Stealth Rock only needs to be laid down once and can deal 3.125-50% damage depending on how much the opponent resists or is weak to Rock when they switch in.
But if the opponent won't switch, you can force them to switch with Roar or Whirlwind.

Sunny Day + Solarbeam + Chlorophyll Ability (AKA SunnyBeaming)
With the Chlorophyll Ability, you can double your speed after using Sunny Day, which means you will basically outrun all your opponents. Then you can also fire off Solarbeams in one turn.

Thunder Wave + Confuse Ray (AKA Parafusion)
When paralyzed, you have a 25% chance of not being able to attack. When confused, you have a 50% chance of hurting yourself. Combine the two status effects and you'll have a 75% chance of not being able to attack, which can be very annoying.

Toxic + Protect (AKA ToxicStalling)
Since Toxic damage increases gradually, you can stall for time by using Protect. Don't rely too much on this though - many Pokemon are immune to Toxic or can simply heal it off.

Trick + Choice Band/Choice Specs/Choice Scarf
The item Choice Band powers up your Attack by 50%, Choice Specs boosts your Sp. Attack by 50%, and Choice Scarf boosts your Speed by 50%. All of these items limit you to only one move. If you hold a Choice item and use Trick, you'll gain the opponent's item while the opponent recieves Choice item. If the opponent doesn't have any moves to benefit from these items, it will be completely screwed over and this is certainly a sneaky way to disable certain opponents.

Wish + Protect
Wish heals your HP by 50%, but it works the turn after you use it. You may not be guaranteed to survive until then so use Protect the next turn to ensure that you will get healed.

Yawn + Focus Punch (AKA YawnPunch)
Yawn makes your opponent drowsy and unless they have something to cure or prevent Sleep, they will most likely switch out. You can then use Focus Punch on the turn they switch and hit whatever comes in
with a powerful Fighting attack.

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Move combos
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